Centers Of Excellence Overview

Centers Of Excellence Overview

Centers Of Excellence Overview

The cyber security industry consists of 100's of manufacturers that have generated 1000's of security solutions. While many of these solutions overlap in purpose and functionality each have their own specifics related to architecture, design, deployment, configuration and maintenance. 

CyFlare takes advanced training and mastery of its managed security solutions seriously. To standardize the level of expertise required to design, deploy, maintain and monitor these solutions CyFlare has created a Center of Excellence (COE) program for each chosen solution within its portfolio.

A COE is a solution identified in which 5 or more analysts are trained to the extent the vendor allows and certifies for in order to be able to design, deploy, maintain and monitor. Additionally the solution is integrated within CyFlare Runbooks to govern documentation required, checklists, auditing and other standards for consistently managing the solution.

The current solutions recognized as a Center of Excellence are as follows:
  1. Stellar Cyber Starlight Platform
  2. Alien Vault USM Anywhere
  3. Splunk
  4. Azure Sentinel
  5. Tenable Nessus Professional
  7. CyRisma
  8. Sentinel One
  9. Sophos Intercept X
  10. Ericom ZTEdge

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